Sunday, July 10, 2011

The 4-Hour Workweek - Why The Lights At My Place Might Be On A Little Longer

Timothy Ferriss shares some insights into his business and how he developed a business model to work only four hours a week. While the four hour workweek may not be for everyone, there are some pearls of wisdom that Mr. Ferriss shares with the reader.

1) Are you climbing the wrong ladder? Mr. Ferriss turns the philosophy of get a good education, work real hard (for someone else), climb the corporate ladder to end in retirement upside down. He makes you think of how much do you really need. Wealth is measured not only in money, but also time and freedom.

2) The notion that work = time = results is turned upside down.Results are all that matter. In fact, he shares how he increased his work output and decreased his time input by working on only high value projects. How many time wasters can you identify in your life? At work there's email, meetings, the meetings before and after the meetings, and time spent socializing. At home there's the telephone, computer, television, and those of so fun household tasks. So what is the goal in each one of these areas of our lives? If we gain focus on the true desired result, eliminate the noise, and delegate the rest we can become extremely valuable at work and home. How much more productive can you be? He shares ways to increase productivity ten-fold.

3) Automation is the key to true freedom. This part explores the world of using virtual assistants, making all payments automatic with a credit card, using auto responders to limit email, and a whole lot more. Mr. Ferriss shares examples of businesses set up on true autopilot that provide a consistent cash flow with very little involvement. This section is truly a must read for anyone seeking true freedom.

4) In the liberation section, Mr. Ferriss shares how the truly free person is free to roam the earth and conduct business anywhere. Modern technology does make such a lifestyle more attainable. The ability to plug in, connect and communicate is an indispensable piece of the puzzle. It is an interesting lifestyle; however it may not be for everyone. The extensive use of automation, surrogates and virtual assistants, does have it limits and dangers. One can gather a few tips on traveling and conducting business throughout the globe.

For anyone inclined toward the life of an entrepreneur, Tim Ferriss' book The 4-Hour Workweek is a must read. It will challenge some of your beliefs. It will cause you to rethink how you do "work". And most of all, it may change the way you do business.

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