Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Wall Street Journal Essential Guide To Management by Alan Murray

Alan Murray, Deputy Managing Editor of "The Wall Street Journal" has written an excellent guide to management ideas and practices with his book "The Wall Street Journal Essential Guide to Management." What makes this book so good is the research Murray put into it. The guide contains some of the best and brightest ideas and strategies from many different sources, as well as case study examples from recent times and what can be learned from them. It is an easy read, full of clear and useful knowledge for anyone in the management field.

The book has twelve chapters that each focus on one area of management. These include: management, leadership, motivation, people, strategy, execution, teams, change, financial literacy, going global, ethics, and managing yourself. There is also a short conclusion that wraps things up well.

What I really liked about this book was how Murry discusses both good and bad about certain leaders and companies, and what can be learned from both. For instance, Jack Welch's leadership at the helm of General Electric is looked at, and both good and bad about Welch is pointed out. I also like that he brought up Peter Drucker's view of business ethics in that he didn't believe in them because he thought the phrase suggested those in business should live by different rules than everyone else. Drucker wrote that executives should not cheat, steal, lie, bribe, or take bribes. But nor should anyone else. These are just two small examples out of many, where Murry shares the wisdom and lessons from some of the best leadership minds of our time. It really is a well researched book.

This book is aimed at those in corporate management positions. It is not really for the small business owner, even though many of the concepts and ideas are applicable in that setting, and elsewhere, it really is designed to help those in management positions of larger corporations and organizations. And it addresses the changes that have been brought on by the recent period of economic disruption caused by the unprecedented financial crisis that led to the deepest economic downturn since the 1930s, because it was during this time that the book was written. I think the recent examples contained within these pages are extremely important for managers wanting to go forward and lead their respective organizations toward success. Murray set out to research and provide a navigation guide for managers who are drifting in uncharted waters. I think he did just that, and I highly recommend this book to anyone in the management field.

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