Monday, July 11, 2011

Why the Four Hour Work Week Changed My Life

I'm sure many of you have heard about the Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. It seems to be a popular one these days. I actually heard about it a number of years ago, read it, loved it, but put it aside. When I picked it up again and seriously read through it, I became more inspired than ever. It rekindled my dream of going on a lonesome trip to Australia for 6 months. A few months later I packed my bags and the Four Hour Work Week became one of the greatest books of all time.

There were a few things that Tim inspired me to do.

1. He inspired me to let go of the notion of having to work towards retirement. Rather than working my ass off all my young years only to retire when I'm old, he instead encourages to work hard in short bursts and take mini-retirements throughout life. This inspired me to stop delaying my dreams and head to Australia for 6 months.

2. He inspired me to get started on a mini-business. I've always had the entrepreneurial itch but Tim made online entrepreneurship really make sense to me. He recommends getting started with a muse which is basically a mini business. Something that will teach you things, make you enough money to achieve some worthwhile goals, and is easy enough to start on your own.

3. Automation. This is key when starting a business if your looking for freedom. Automation means designing a business that once up and running, can survive largely without you being around. This allow you to start more businesses or jump out of planes for a hobby.

4. Awesome goal-setting. We all know the regular goal setting like "Lose weight" and "invest" and those kind of things. What Tim recommends though is making it more concise and making it a near-term project. For example, I am going to gain 10 pounds of muscle while losing 10% body fat in the next 12 weeks. I am going to start tomorrow by eating 6 healthy meals and going to the gym for 1 hour. These goals ROCK! This is a huge reason why I name it one of the greatest books of all time.

5. He inspired me to get creative with travel plans - things like which allow you to book hotels for 50% off. I managed to book 4 star hotels in Vancouver for just $80, 37 stories up with a view of the ocean. Incredible.

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This is Chris from Greatest Books of All Time. Just a reader who wants to inspire others to read books that will change their life!

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