Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Paper Chase Summary

The novel written by John Jay Osborn Jr. titled The Paper Chase was a fictional story about the experience of students within American law schools. There is no actual trial scene in the book and no cases are analyzed so the legal issues discussed are all on successfully maneuvering through law school. Hart is the main character and he is a first year law student at Harvard which is one of the most prestigious institutions in the world. He is the central character that all the other human issues are related to.

There are three main relationship dynamics and I will deal with each of their human and legal issues before moving on to the next significant relationship. Professor Kingsfield was the longest professor tenured at Harvard Law School at the time Hart took his contracts course from him in his first year. Harts perceived relationship and classroom performance with Professor Kingsfield was the central focus of his first year in law school and the issues that arise are surprisingly interconnected with the next two relationship dynamics.

The second relationship dynamic that Hart had to deal with was his fellow students who he formed a study group of six to help each other outline their courses for the final exams. Between the group of them there was an array of human issues that altered their paths through school.

Finally there were Harts different love affairs that ended up dominating his thoughts and sapping up much of his valuable time during his first year in law school. Even Harts affairs were connected to some of the most crucial issues he was facing in school.

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