Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How to Think Like a Billionaire Entrepreneur on the Go - A Book Review

If you are a small business entrepreneur, then you probably have dreams of making it big. And you wouldn't be the first. No, not every entrepreneur scores it big, but most want to. There really is nothing like running your own company, and we all know there's no easy way. It's hard work, and it's harder today than ever before with all the regulations, licenses, taxes, and competition, but that doesn't mean it's not possible.

The other day I was discussing this with a friend from New Zealand who is a business consultant, and a darn good one at that. We got to talking about the various business books that each of us had read, and the recommendations that we make to clients of our consulting practices. One book that he highly recommends is actually a book that I own as well. Yes, it is a book that I have recommended, and I very much enjoyed reading. The name of the book is;

"Screw It Let's Do It - Lessons in Life" by Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Books, London, England, (2006), 128 pages, ISBN: 978-75351-1099-5.

Yes, you've obviously heard of Sir Richard Branson President of Virgin Everything. He's into marketing, mobile phones, airlines, private space flight, energy drinks, clothing lines, and just about anything that anyone would ever want. He is successful because he doesn't do BS, and he looks around at what is needed. He has a dynamic personality, and he often throws caution to the wind, and is undeterred by challenges and problems that occur economically, socially, or with regards to regulations.

He is not afraid of the competition, he loves competition. He is not afraid of irate customers, he turns them into loyal followers because he listens, and he acts on information and intelligence which he gathers from the frontline. It is said that Virgin is a wonderful place to work, and it is one of the strongest brand names in Europe. Sir Richard Branson is obviously a showman, and he refuses to give up and he's not afraid to Go For It!

Is my contention that you can learn a lot from reading this book, understanding the man, and the entrepreneur inside yourself. The funny thing is as do, you will probably see psychological similarities between you and Sir Richard Branson, and that's because these are similarities that are shared by most all successful and hard-working entrepreneurs. I highly recommend that you buy and read this book and you think about it and consider all the facts that are put forth.

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