Thursday, July 14, 2011

Facebook Updates: How Frequently Should You Update Your Page

According to Mari Smith, Facebook expert and author of 'Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day', there is a direct corelation between frequency of posts and number of fans. However, she also warns that you do not want to overwhelm your fans by posting too much.

When you first launch your page, you may start off by posting once a day and see how your fans respond to that. If necessary you may increase your posting frequency to several times a day or you may decrease your posts to several times a week. The idea is to find the rhythm that is right for your fans.

Generally speaking, start slowly and then increase momentum as time goes on:

updating two to three times a week is appropriate for most brands unless they are established thought-leaders from whom fans expect more e.g. CNN, Mashable, Mari Smith, and Martha Stewart.Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days for high traffic and fan engagement while Thursdays and Fridays tend to be a little slow. Saturday mornings attract more traffic than any other time slot in the weekend. If the topic posted is fun and interactive e.g. asking fans a question about their favorite iPhone game or their weekend plans, then fan engagement is even higher. Sundays generally experience very low traffic and may not be worth updating.The best times of the day to update your Facebook page depend on your target audience and high traffic windows. For B2B brands whose target audience consists of other business organizations, posting between 11:00am EST and 4:00pm EST is recommended. However for B2C brands that target a younger audience such as high school or college-age kids, the best time to post would be after 6:00pm and weekends. Again this has to do with the school schedule as well as their online access.

In all cases the ultimate goal should be quality rather than quantity. It is better to have fewer page updates that are highly engaging than to have many updates that have no fan interaction whatsoever.

It is equally important to monitor your page insights for fan interaction so as to determine a posting schedule that is right for you. It might be that your fans may want to hear from you every day e.g. If you provide daily recipes, breaking news or motivational quotes.

How often do you update your Facebook page? Share your experience.

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