Thursday, July 14, 2011

Critical Book Review: Designing Your Organization by Amy Kates and Jay R. Galbraith

Since organizations are really a collection of individuals, it makes sense to have both an efficient (doing things right) and effective (doing the right thing) design. Unfortunately, many businesses grow without rhyme or reason as the saying goes. This "loosey goosey" growth potentially creates gaps and misalignment.

In this book, the authors Amy Kates and Jay R. Galbraith, provide an easy to follow design to ensure that the desired results are consistently achieved. This book builds upon their previous work of Designing Organizations.

Even though Designing Your Organization was written to solve organizational design challenges, for me it truly illustrates why many strategic initiatives to performance problems continue to vex leadership. When there is misalignment between strategy, structure, processes, rewards and people, these gaps are counter productive to securing the desired results. Silo solutions are the result of focusing on one challenge without understanding its impact on the other aspects of the organization.

The authors walk the reader through each of these design elements:

StrategyStructureProcessesRewardsPeopleAdditionally, they provided some concrete definitions for the words they used for greater clarity. For example, they defined strategy as a "set of capabilities at which an organization must excel in order to achieve the strategic goals." (pg. 3) Additional defined terms are organizational culture, alignment, competitive advantage and these are just within the first chapter.

Another benefit within this well written book is the inclusion of many simple charts and graphics. As the mind hears or sees words, but thinks in pictures having these visuals helps again to ensure greater clarity and agreement. The simplicity of these graphics only reinforce the basic premise within the 5 Star Organizational Development (OD) model.

Chapter Six takes this model into innovation specific to how to achieve organic growth. Again using the 5 elements, the authors demonstrate how this model can enhance innovation and works with it instead of against it. They also provided a detailed case study to support their approach.

Additional value is provided not only in the Appendix, but in the extensive bibliography and index.

Misalignment creates inconsistencies and those inconsistencies are very expensive in any organization. Having tools to identify those misalignment gaps is necessary. This is why I find the decision tools within the CD-Room to be incredibly helpful. These tools are very user friendly, can be easily adapted to any current organizational challenge and will help you be the be The Red Jacket in a sea of gray suits.

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