Friday, July 15, 2011

Cashvertising - By Drew Eric Whitman - Review

Cashvertising or Ca$hvertising by drew Eric Whitman is a great book. It is the best book by far that I have read on the subject of copywriting and core basics of advertising. The book is extremely well researched and lifts the lid of many mysterious advertising secrets. The book is short and punchy and full of humour which makes it a great read. There are many real practical tips that you can use on a daily basis in all of your marketing.

Eric Drew Whitman has laid out all the pointers you will need to create ads that truly appeal to your customers. You will be able to zone in on all of their deepest desires and impulses. You will learn the secrets of the psychological principles that lies behind consumer behaviour.

Although the book concentrates on Advertising in print, the information contained is relevant to all forms of advertising including website marketing.

Included in the book:

How only 60% of people read your headline!How clever use of captions under photos will get up to 200% more readership than non-headline information.How adverts that include pricing draws 20% more attention.How to create powerful ads for websites, e-mails and sales letters.How to write powerful headlines that draw the reader in.How to learn ad agency psychology.

I have many books on the subject of advertising and marketing, however Drew Eric Whitman has delivered what has to be one of the finest books on the subject.Anybody with an interest in Advertising or Marketing will find something of interest in this book. Find out more about the book at the link below.

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