Thursday, July 14, 2011

As a Man Thinketh - A Personal Ponderance

Recently the MMM Challenge group was given the task of reading, "As a Man Thinketh." It got my mental wheels turning to all the books, articles and even scriptures written about a person's thought life. Some literature goes as far as saying that you can think things into existence - interesting. I had to reflect on my own thought life and how it has lead me to where I am. Do I actively participate in my thought life or am I just a bystander? What things do I need to change?

Often times the need for deep thought comes at a time when we can least afford spending that time. During those times when the world seems to be crashing down all around you, everyone keeps saying work harder, faster, put in more hours. But am I doing the right things? Is there an easier solution? Perhaps there is a better way. I notice that King David in the Psalms, spends time reflecting and sharing with God, even when things are going haywire. In fact as I reflect, my life is never as hectic as the life of a ruler of a country. If David took time to think, reflect and pray, shouldn't I do so?

My life is a reflection of the thoughts which have preceded me. I believe that I am ultimately responsible for the fruit of my labor. Some negative circumstances are provided to help me grow; some to provide a new direction. Either way, I am ultimately responsible - to God, to my family, to myself. Am I sowing the seeds of greatness with my thoughts, or just a life of mediocrity?

Our minds often reflect the information that we put into it. Everyone has heard the old adage: garbage in, garbage out. Do the programs I watch on television or movies that I watch, reflect the seeds of greatness? How about the books or magazines that I read? Do the people that I associate with provide information that lead to seeds of greatness, or that of mediocrity? What information should I put into my mind to sow the seeds of greatness?

Our inner dialogue, known as self talk, is a reflection of our unconscious thoughts and beliefs. Do I catch myself saying derogatory things like, "You're so stupid?" How often does this dialogue take place without me noticing? Are these words, thoughts, and beliefs ones that lead to seeds of greatness?

All of these are questions we must ask ourselves. As for me, I am becoming more aware of my thoughts, my words and my beliefs. I am spending time daily reflecting, praying, and thinking. I am replacing old thoughts and beliefs through visualization and positive affirmations. I am the acorn of a great and mighty oak tree and I will continually guard my thoughts. And with God's help, I will grow to be a tall and mighty tree providing shade for many.

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